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Ellison ABDO/GEA replacement

Production of the  George Ellison ABDO and GEA  ACB`s ceased in the early 1970`s. No original spares or manufacturers support exist for either the ABDO or GEA ACB. Both the GEA and ABDO  do not achieve the current regulatory disconnection times, even if regularly serviced or overhauled.

The only way to achieve these protection levels is to fit new ACB breakers into a system whether retrofit or within a new panel.

We offer a retrofit solution allowing replacement of GEA and ABDO ACB`s  into your existing distribution panel.

The EDS Retrofit Option incorporates Schneider MTZ ACB or the Mitsubishi AE-SW ACB

Using the latest computer aided design technology we have achieved this goal with a specifically designed and engineered new chassis and breaker assembly. The chassis and breaker are assembled pre-wired and tested, prior to delivery to site. Allowing for removal of existing breaker, on-site installation is achieved in under an hour.

7 four pole GEA breakers replaced in one six hour shutdown at the British Library London
  • 19 GEA breakers installed in two shutdowns at a major UK Aerospace Factory
  • 9 GEA breakers replaced at a major UK bank in one 9 hour shift.

Ellison ABDO/GEA replacement

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