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EDS Ottermill Retrofit – Ottermill Switchgear Limited were renowned for their high quality engineered Ottermet switchboards and motor control centres. The Ottermill OMA was the ACB installed as a key component within Ottermet switchboards.

The factory located in Ottery St Mary Devon closed in 2004.

Countless Ottermet switchboards remain in service throughout the UK and with regular servicing remain a fully functional element of a sites LV electrical distribution system.

The Ottermill OMA ACB however is the one key element of the Ottermet panel which regularly fails to provide the circuit protection required.

The Ottermill OMA ACB is a mechanical breaker with an oil filled dashpot tripping mechanism, which even with regular maintenance often cannot achieve required disconnection times, in addition many Ottermill OMA ACB`s also contain Asbestos flash guards

No original spares or manufacturers support exists for the Ottermill OMA ACB and replacement of the OMA ACB or even the entire Ottermet panel is the only option to provide reliable circuit protection.

Prior to the design and manufacture of the EDS Otterfit OMA retrofit option, the replacement of an Ottermill OMA ACB required isolation of the power supply to the breaker for a minimum of 12 hours per ACB., replacement of the entire distribution panel could take up to a week.

EDS Otterfit incorporates a Schneider MTZ ACB and is manufactured and assembled in the EDS workshops and delivered to site fully assembled.

Installation of the EDS Otterfit can be achieved in around an hour without isolation of the electrical supply to the switchboard.

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