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Electrical Switchgear Services and Solutions

Primary injection testing is the most accurate and complete test for switchgear protection.
We undertake onsite primary injection testing services of all major manufacturers switchgear, including all low voltage and high voltage up to 11KV.

Our equipment can carry out primary injection testing from as little as 2 AMPS up to 40,000 AMPS.

EDS primary injection testing equipment includes

  • Megger PCits600
  • Megger PCits 2000/2
  • Phenix HC40C

We have an extensive Library of data on all Major Manufacturers Switchgear.

Completed primary injection testing results are then analysed in accordance with manufacturers tripping curves and pass/fail certification is issued

In addition we also offer secondary injection testing and full servicing for all major switchgear manufacturers.

Case Study:

  • EDS recently undertook primary injection testing at an active UK Data Centre.
  • Primary Injection testing was undertaken on over a 100 GE ACB`s and MCCB`s ranging from 400amps to 4000amps

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