Masterpact M Retrofit (M Fill™)

Masterpact M Retrofit (M Fill™) is the ONLY way to install a standard Masterpact NW ACB into a Masterpact M chassis. The original manufacturers support for the Masterpact M chassis was withdrawn by Schneider in early 2014. Before M Fill ™ The Schneider “Plug & Play” option was the only choice installing a specially adapted and NON STANDARD NW ACB into the M Chassis. M Fill ™
 – The ONLY option to consider 


  • Standard NW ACB installed NOT a retrofit special ACB
  • No need to stock retrofit ACB as a key spare
  • Cheaper than “Plug & Play”
  • Free from the long waiting times for the retrofit ACB
  • Switchboard and fixed parts are not altered in existing panel
  • Enhanced functionality and protection of NW ACB compared with M ACB

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Masterpact M Retrofit

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