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GE M-PACT mk1 Retrofit

The GE M-PACT mk1 ACB was sold and installed worldwide until its replacement in the 1980`s.

The GE M-PACT is a mechanical breaker original configured with a dash pot tripping mechanism, later changed to the CTZ electronic tripping relay.

Many GE M-PACT mk1 ACB`s contain Asbestos Flashguards.

The GE M-PACT mk1 breaker was in its time at the forefront of technology and was specified and installed where a high degree of reliability, protection and functionality was required.

With the youngest M-PACT mk1 ACB`s no approaching 30 years of age it is not surprising that major problems are now being encountered over operation, reliability and repair of M-PACT mk1 ACB`s still in service.

The EDS Retrofit Options allow the existing breaker to be replaced with a Schneider MTZ ACB or ABB Emax 2ACB.

EDS have both one hour and a four hour GE M-PACT Mk1 retrofit options.


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